Cool/Not Cool, Puppy

Capone the Wonder Dog has been with our family a little over a week now. We’ve discovered some of the things our puppy does are very cool. Some not so much.

  1. Waking up 3:30 am?
    Not cool, puppy.
  2. Having the morning wiggles so bad it’s nearly impossible to get your collar on?
    Not cool, puppy. I cannot wrestle a frantic puppy before coffee. I just can’t.
  3. Managing not to wee on the kitchen floor in spite of the morning wiggles?
    Cool, puppy.
  4. Going back to sleep in your crate until a more decent hour?
    Cool, puppy.
  5. Licking my feet in greeting with a level of adoration usually reserved for goddesses or other ancient deities?
    Cool, puppy.
  6. Working your way up to lave my calves as well?
    A little awkward, but still cool, puppy.
  7. Pulling me down a steep hill on our morning walk?
    Not cool, puppy.
  8. Pulling me back up that same hill with the intensity of an Alaskan sled dog?
    Cool, puppy.
  9. Nipping at everything that dangles, including shoelaces, hoodie strings, my coat, and any scarf I dare to put on?
    Not cool, puppy.
  10. Eating your kibble so fast you barf?
    Not cool, puppy.
  11. “Cleaning” your throw up all by yourself?
    Not cool, puppy, although I do appreciate the effort.
  12. Falling in love at first sight with the neighbor’s dog, Daisy?
    Cool, puppy. And kind of adorable in a Lady and the Trampish sort of way.
  13. Knocking Daisy over when you try to show your affection because she is roughly the size of your head?
    Not cool, puppy.
  14. Trying to nibble on the brick fireplace?
    Not cool, puppy. I don’t even understand that one.
  15. Taking a flying leap at my friend right after I serve her a giant cup of hot coffee, spilling it all over her shirt?
    Not cool, puppy.
  16. Sitting by her feet and staring up at her apologetically for the rest of the visit?
    Cool, puppy, but touch my coffee and you’re toast.